Restorative Endodontics, a modern standard of care for long-term success

Starts: September 15, 2017 (Friday)

Ends: September 15, 2017 (Friday)

Time: 8:00am-8:30am Registration 8:30am-4:30pm Lecture & Hands-on Session

Location: Wyndham Garden Shreveport, 1419 E. 70th St., Shreveport, LA 71105, United States

CE Credits: 7 CE credits

Registration Contact: ONLINE: For questions, call Dr. Clint Bruyere at 903-753-0337

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Lecture and Hands- On Program
General Knowledge Suggested

Restorative Endodontics (RE) is based on minimally invasive root canal preparations and bioceramic bonded obturation that enhance the long term biomechanical success of the endodontically treated tooth. It (RE) is based on a biologic approach that emphasizes debridement and disinfection rather than shaping for obturation. This Real World Endo presentation is highly practical and will describe (in detail) numerous facets of clinical endodontics, utilizing a "Case Based Learning Approach." A premolar and molar clinical case will be discussed in detail that will demonstrate both the Basic and Advanced instrumentation and Obturation Technique, as well some technique variations to handle more challenging cases. The principal scientific concepts for successful endodontics will be presented as well as new technology and techniques that emphasize responsible shaping and HA (hydroxyapatite) bonding inside the root canal. A new instrumentation and obturation system (ESX) will be introduced that incorporates the above concepts. All participants will have the opportunity to validate these concepts during the hands-on session. Real World Endo remains dedicated to the preservation of the natural dentition through smarter more thoughtful endodontics. This presentation is a must see for those practitioners committed to clinical efficiency without sacrificing quality care for their patients.

During this lecture/hands-on participants will:

1. Appreciate the scientific concepts for success by incorporating a few new simple steps during clinical care.

2. Understand the importance of proper straight-line access and the factors necessary to accomplishing the task.

3. Recognize the many applications for fiber-optic ultrasonics in endodontics.

4. Understand how to properly use the ESX NiTi rotary file and instrumentation system.

5. Recognize the correct way to use an ultrasonic in the pursuit of hidden canals.

6. Completely understand the term, "Hydraulic Condensation" and its application during obturation.

7. Gain insight into the use of the new bioceramic materials in both surgical and non-surgical endodontic care.

8. Become familiar with a novel and very efficient (drilless) post preparation technique.

9. All attendees will understand that endodontics and restorative dentistry are not separate entities. Rather they are part of a larger continuum: The Endo-Restorative Continuum.

Please bring a size 35/04 file sample from your current rotary system to compare to XP. IN ADDITION, ANY ACCESSED, EXTRACTED TEETH YOU MAY WANT TO WORK ON.